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AGM ballot voting & proxy representation

KTC Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 7:00pm

Ongwanada Resource Centre

191 Portsmouth Avenue


This year we have contested positions for the Member-at-Large positions on the 2016-2017 board and will be conducting election voting by ballot. Nominees for uncontested positions require an affirmation vote; this year it applies to the four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer). Ballots will be distributed on which members will vote yes or no beside each name. Those who receive more yes votes than no votes will be acclaimed.

Proxies will be available, whereby a member may assign proxy representation to another member to vote on their behalf. Proxies must be submitted in advance by Tuesday, October 25, using the form provided by the Board Secretary. Should you wish to use this option, please first confirm with your preferred proxy holder that they will be in attendance at the meeting and that they are not already holding a proxy (a maximum of one proxy may be held per person). You may indicate your voting preferences to your proxy holder but the proxy is open - that is, the member who holds it may vote as they wish.

One ballot will be used to vote for the 8 Member-at-Large positions. We have 9 people running for these positions on the board. All 9 names will be listed alphabetically on one ballot and each member will be directed to check off a maximum of 8 names on their ballot. Votes are tallied and the 8 people with the most votes are in.

Additional nominations closed on October 12 for positions on the 2016-2017 board. Each person running for election will have the opportunity to make a brief speech prior to the voting. The final list of nominees is:

Nominations for the Executive Committee

President: — Paula Loh

Vice President :— David Stocks

Secretary :— Viki Andrevska

Treasurer :— Jim Martin

Nominations for Members-at-Large (8 positions available)

Doug Bowie

Julius Breza-Boski [additional nominee]

Rick Donaldson

Sam Faris

Graham Lord

Taco Meuter [additional nominee]

Bud Nelson

Gill Turnbull

Chloe Wilson

The agenda and the Annual Report for 2015-2016 will be emailed out to members next week, after our accountant completes their audit of this year’s financial accounts. In the meantime, the minutes for last year’s AGM and the Special Meeting may be viewed by members on the website at Our Club > Board of Directors. The club's by-laws are also posted there, as is a copy of the proxy form.

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