About the Club

Location & Facilities


The club is located on Napier Street in a quiet residential neighbourhood in downtown Kingston, between Earl Street and Hill Street, one block west of Winston Churchill Public School. Our central location allows many participants to arrive by foot and by bicycle, promoting fitness off the courts and helping reduce smog from vehicular travel.


The KTC has seven outdoor hard courts surrounded by trees and vines. Windscreens and neighbouring houses shelter players on windy days. Five of our courts are lit, with neighbourhood-friendy, extremely effective and uniform LED lights. These lights extend what is already a very nice and cosy daytime outdoor tennis experience well into the evening. Nets go up in the spring whenever courts become clear of snow and stay up until the snow flies in the late fall months.


The wooden clubhouse dates back to 1928 and provides simple facilities for members: changerooms with showers & washrooms are on the ground floor; the office and a small lounge area are located upstairs. Our deck serves as the social hub of the club: players chat before & after games, BBQs are hosted for our club tournaments, and dinners are held as part of our monthly tennis socials.


Membership & Activities


Seasonal tennis membership includes full access to the courts via our online booking service; there are no initiation fees or court fees for members. We offer a variety of programming to enable new members to meet players of a similar playing level: Challenge Ladders, Drop In Doubles sessions, Tennis Socials, Group Lessons and Club Tournaments.


Junior Tennis Camps


Our junior summer camps follow the progressive tennis system recommended by Tennis Canada and the International Tennis Federation, which adjusts the size of the game to the participants. We use smaller courts, smaller nets, and smaller racquets to make the game fun for young children while they build their skills. Camp registration is available to the children of both members and non-members.


Our Values

Honesty & Integrity

KTC staff, members, and its volunteers commit to being honest, accountable and transparent in their conduct. This includes individuals refraining from playing regularly until their membership is fully paid, and all members and staff treating each other with respect and consideration.



The KTC believes in fostering an environment where sport, leisure and social activities are fun and positive. Staff, volunteers, and members are encouraged to keep it light and fun while appreciating each other’s participation in the club’s social life.



KTC staff, volunteers and members share a common desire to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can enjoy the facilities, participate in events, and develop meaningful relationships. Members, staff and management 

participate in all events and activities, engage with other members (especially new ones), and offer support or assistance as needed.