Board of Directors

Members may view the minutes and reports of Membership Meetings and Board Meetings here. Other documents such as the club's by-laws are also included for reference.

2021 - 2022 Board

Alma Thayer              President; Facilities (Chair), Fin., Gov., Progr.                Email me
Donna Lounsbury      VP; Communications (Chair), Fin.                                  Email me
Gary Wilson              Secretary, Fac., Governance (Chair), Progr.                   Email me
Taco Meuter              Treasurer, Finance (Chair), Fac., Comm.                        Email me

Members at Large
Asia Zolnierczyk
Bob Goddard            Clubhouse Working Group (Co-chair), Governance        Email me
Isaac Jones
Jason Taylor             Clubhouse Working Group (Co-chair)                              Email me
Nerissa Mulligan       Programs                                                                         Email me
Simon van der Plas
Tracey Corrigan
Yaoting Zhang

Clubhouse Working Group & Renovation Project
Doug Bowie              Project Liaison                                                                 Email me