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Board of Directors

Members may view the minutes and reports of Membership Meetings and Board Meetings here. Other documents such as the club's by-laws are also included for reference.

2022 - 2023 Board

Donna Lounsbury      President, Committees: Finance, Communications      Email me
Tracey Corrigan        VP, Committees: Comm. (Chair), Fin.                            Email me
Gary Wilson               Secretary, Committees: Facilities & Operations           
Email me
Taco Meuter    
         Treasurer, Committees: Fin (Chair), Comm, Fac&Op   Email me

Past President
Alma Thayer             Committees: Programs                                                  Email me

Members at Large
Abby Lincoln            Committees: Membership (co-Chair)                              Email me
Asia Zolnierczyk      Committees: Membership, Communications                   Email me
David Corrigan        Committees: Programs (co-Chair), Comm.                     Email me
Jeff Elwood              Committees: Programs (co-Chair)                                  Email me
Julius Breza-Boski   Committees: Programs, Fac&Op                                    Email me
Nadia McCarthy       Co
mmittees: Programs, Governance                             Email me
Simon van der Plas  Committees: Fin, Membership                                       Email me

KTC Community Committee/Project Members
Doug Bowie            Renovation Project Liaison                                              Email me
Bob Goddard          Committees: Governance (Chair)                                   
Email me
Julie Hoffarth          Committees: Membership (co-Chair)                               Email me
Gary Wilson           Committees: Governance, Fac&Op                                  Email me

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