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Tournaments in 2023

Club Championships


Our weekend club tournaments are always a lot of fun for participants and spectators alike. They provide an opportunity to play against members you may not have met before, and to relax and trade stories at the Saturday evening BBQ. Matches are self-referred by the players and we ask that everyone display good sportsmanship and follow the rules of tennis at all times. Refer to the KTC Tournament Code of Conduct for further details.


Tournament Schedule for 2023


  • Switch Doubles                                   May 27

  • Mixed Doubles                                    June 22-25                 

  • Doubles                                               July 20-23           

  • Singles                                                August 16-20   

  • Junior                                                  September 2-3

  • The KTC Cup                                      September 14-17

Registering for tournaments in 2023 - Instructions for registration and fee payment:

1. Phone or email the stewards with the following information: (in case of doubles or teams, only 1 player needs to contact the stewards with this information)

  • First & Last Name of player(s)

  • Event (e.g., Men's Doubles or Ladies’ Doubles, or Mixed Doubles, etc. etc.)

  • Cell phone or contact number of player(s)

  • Lunch Choices - (e.g., Sandwich Options: Local Chicken, Mennonite Salami, or Mediterranean Mushroom)

  • Any availability issues (i.e., can’t play Thursday evening)


2. Payment should be arranged through the KTC Online Member Portal:

  • Go to Online Store (Parking Permits) and select Order Product

  • Select Club Events and then find e.g., Tournament – Mixed Doubles 2021 and select Order (price is $20). Then Submit Order.

  • Select Confirm & Proceed to Payment. Agree to the Conditions of Use.

  • Choose Pay By Interac e-Transfer. You will then be able to see an invoice and instructions on your screen about how to complete the transaction (i.e., sending an e-transfer to

  • Once your payment has been successfully processed, your registration status will be changed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Paid’.


* If you do not have access to the Online Store within your own member portal, you can go through your household's main KTC account, or alternatively e-transfer the $20 amount directly to and in the comments include ‘Doubles Tournament Entry Fee’.


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