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Join us for our junior group lessons - both members and non-members are welcome. The junior development programs offer an excellent opportunity for youngsters to be introduced to the game of tennis in a fun and constructive environment! Group training lessons are designed to improve stroke technique, broaden shot selection and increase your overall enjoyment of tennis. Coaches will group players according to skill level after the first lesson.  


Group lessons provide you with the opportunity to meet other likeminded players at your level. Practice is important between lessons to maximize the value of each lesson received. If you would like to practice with one of your fellow attendees, then let them know of your interest.


Parents/guardians are encouraged to consult our club pros, if you have any questions regarding which program is most suitable for your child.


Junior beginner groups will be divided according to skill level and age so we can accommodate a wide range of players. These sessions are intended for both complete beginners to tennis and also more experienced juniors. Different balls will be used in different groups to allow for the best learning experience for the players – red, orange or green. Red ball juniors will play ½ court tennis while orange and green ball juniors will play ¾ or full court tennis. For more information on Progressive Tennis, please visit the links below.

Video: tennis10s

Booklet: Tennis Canada Progressive Tennis

All red, orange and green ball programs will focus on developing the basic tennis skills of our juniors in an encouraging and fun learning atmosphere. Students will be introduced to all fundamental tennis shots (forehand, backhand, volleys, overheads and serves) and will learn relevant tennis footwork. The key objective of this program is the consistent achievement of a cooperative rally.


$120 for six 1-hour lessons (non-members add $20)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm

Beginner Session 1
Beginner Session 2

Rain Date: Monday June 24

Beginner Session 3
Intermediate Session 1
Intermediate Session 2

Rain Date: Tuesday June 25

Intermediate Session 3

Rain Date: Tuesday, July 23

Rain Date: Wednesday, July 24

Beginner Session 4
Intermediate Session 4

Rain Date: Tuesday, August 20

Rain Date: Wednesday, August 21



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