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Junior Group Clinics

New in 2023-24! Gym Tennis with Coach Casey

Modified balls, courts and equipment to help kids acquire the skills needed to be tennis players.

Progressive Tennis, also known as mini tennis or short court tennis, is a modified version of traditional tennis designed primarily for younger players and beginners. It introduces players to the sport in stages, allowing them to develop their skills progressively. The game uses smaller courts, lower nets, softer and lighter tennis balls, and shorter rackets to make it easier for novices to learn and enjoy the game. By simplifying the environment, players can focus on improving their technique, coordination, and understanding of the game's fundamentals. As players advance, they transition to standard tennis equipment and full-sized courts. Progressive tennis ensures a fun and positive experience, boosting confidence and fostering a love for the sport!

Saturday clinics take place at Rideau Public School, 16 Dundas Street in Kingston.

Tuesday clinics take place at Central Public School, 237 Sydenham Street in Kingston.

How To Register:

KTC Members:

1) You can log into the court booking system and look for the option to register for Programs & Events.

From here, you can select the options to view and register for both Adult and/or Junior programs:



1) Non-members must first register with the KTC in order to sign up for programs either for themselves or their children by registering through this link.


2) Click Register Now and then select Non-Member as the option. You will also be able to include children as part of this registration process. There is no charge to register for a KTC account/profile.

3) Once set up with a KTC account, you should be able to see the option to register for Adult & Junior programs.

Registration Terms:

Payment for KTC clinics is due at the time of registration. Given the high demand for these group programs, payment is generally non-refundable, except for medical reasons. If there is someone on the waiting list who will fill your spot, then a credit can be issued for your clinic fee, minus an administration fee of $35. 

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