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Junior Group Clinics

Junior Clinics June 2023.png

How To Register:

KTC Members:

1) You can log into the court booking system and look for the option to register for Programs & Events.

From here, you can select the options to view and register for both Adult and/or Junior programs:


2) If you are not the main member of a couple or family KTC membership, you may not see all the options to register for Programs when you log in to the booking system under your own name. In this case there are 2 options:

Option 1: Use the account of the main partner/family member who initially registered the couple/family membership with the KTC. The primary account has access and visibility to all the Program options.

Option 2: You can directly call or email the KTC Stewards ( who can help get you signed up and registered into a NTS program.


1) Non-members must first register with the KTC in order to sign up for programs either for themselves or their children by registering through this link.


2) Click Register Now and then select Non-Member as the option. You will also be able to include children as part of this registration process. There is no charge to register for a KTC account/profile.

3) Once set up with a KTC account, you should be able to see the option to register for Adult & Junior programs.

For non-members who want to try and reserve a spot before the non-member registration officially opens up, you may directly contact the KTC stewards ( who will add you to a wait-list for the program.

* Reminder that KTC members have early access to registration, and non-members on the wait-list will be enrolled for registration into programs if there is space available as of July 14th for Session #1 programs, and July 25th for Session #2 programs.

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