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Street Parking Permits

The club received approval at the March 22, 2016, meeting of Kingston City Council to issue parking permits to our members to enable parking on the streets during the restricted hours introduced in September, 2015. (Street parking is restricted in the Napier Street area during the hours of 9:00-10:00am and 1:00-2:00pm on weekdays.)

Conditions of Use:

Permits are numbered and assigned to individuals. They are for the possession and use by tennis club members, are not transferable and may not be re-sold. Permits are for short-term parking while the motorist is on-site participating in tennis club activities and shall not be used for all-day parking. Permits are valid on Napier Street, south of Johnson Street, and on Earl Street, between Macdonnell Street and Willingdon Avenue.

Parking permits are now available for purchase for $25.00 each (inclusive of HST). Each member of adult age may purchase one permit for their personal use; those with a Couple or Family membership may order a maximum of two permits. After you have registered as a member and log in to your online home page, you will see an orange button at the top labelled "Order Parking Permits".

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