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Sunday Afternoon Drop In Doubles Mixers

Starting on Sunday, July 24, we will be launching a new format for the Sunday afternoon drop-ins. During 1:30-3:30pm, there will be three rounds of pro sets to 8 games, with no Ad scoring. Open to both men & women, winners will move up and losers will move down courts, then split to form new competitive partnerships. Our pros, Isaac and Emile, will help to establish the position of players for the initial game. After that, it is up to you to prove your Doubles playing ability and climb to the top court! When you return for the next drop-in session, you will be slotted into the same court that you last played on (pending new arrivals).

We would like to welcome as many club members as possible to participate, while ensuring that games are competitive. We anticipate that a minimum NTRP rating of 3.0 will be required, with players being competent Doubles players. Please contact either Isaac or Emile for some friendly feedback beforehand if you are unsure as to your playing level.

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