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Club Rules & Etiquette

We would like everyone to enjoy their time spent at the KTC, both on and off the courts.



The KTC believes that its members, staff and volunteers should treat each other with respect and courtesy, and should expect to be treated by others in the same manner. Please refrain from using coarse or passive-aggressive language, raised voices, making personal attacks on an individual or using any physical, verbal or electronic means of intimidation. You can disagree without being disagreeable.


The board adopted an Abuse & Harassment Policy in June, 2016, to ensure that procedures are in place should inappropriate or illegal behaviour occur. 

Members are expected to be courteous to each other at all times. For example, when playing, return any stray balls to a neighbouring court at the first opportunity, taking care not to interrupt the game on that court.

The use of the email addresses of KTC members is for the purpose of setting up tennis matches. If you would like to communicate with a larger number of members about public matters, please use a different forum.



KTC members, staff and volunteers believe in fair play both in recreational, competitive and social activities at the club. This means abiding by the rules of tennis, club policies, and court booking rules. Give your opponent the benefit of the doubt during play and competition - if you are unsure that a ball is "out", then it is called "in".


Attire and Footwear

All players must wear non-marking tennis shoes. Appropriate tennis attire should be worn at all times when playing on the courts; this includes shirts and shorts/pants/skirts.


If in doubt about attire or footwear, please ask the steward on duty before playing.


Hours of Operation

The courts are available for play from 7:30am to 10:30pm in season. When playing early in the morning, please be considerate of our neighbours and keep your voices down. Courts 2 to 6 are lit and can be booked to play up to 10.30pm. The lights on courts 2-3 and those on courts 4-6 operate independently, and each set of court lights is programmed to turn off automatically shortly after the last booking of the day on its courts. Be sure to leave yourself time to wrap up your game! If you are the last to leave the property, also please ensure to lock the entrance gate.


Court Usage

Courts may be booked up to seven days in advance (from 7am) using our online court booking system or by contacting a steward: one hour for singles (two players), one or two hours for doubles (four players). Members may have one advance booking in a given day. Booked courts are held for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time - after this time the court is available for use by others. Any open courts may be booked on a walk-on basis, in addition to the advance booking allowance. Walk-on bookings may be made up to 30 minutes prior to the start time by contacting a steward either by phone or in person. A court may not be advance-booked by one person for serving or stroke practice on their own, but a walk-on booking may be used for this purpose.

Courts 1 & 7 are our teaching courts and have priority for lessons at any time. Please be aware that a booking may be relocated to another court should one of these courts be required for a lesson.

To maximize the successful booking of your desired time slots for matches:

  • Plan your games & book early (bookings may be made up to 7 days in advance)


  • Select quiet court times to play whenever your schedule permits (for example, Friday evenings & weekends have lots of excess capacity)


  • During the hot summer months, try to plan Doubles games that start at 7:30am or 9:30am on weekdays (this will make available more 2-hour slots for Doubles games than bookings that are made at 8:30am)


  • Attend Social Doubles - advance booking is required on CourtReserve, otherwise the courts are released for general use.

Should you be unable to use an advance booking, please cancel the booking at least 24 hours in advance as a courtesy to other members who may be waiting for a court to open up.

The courts, grounds and clubhouse are for the members' enjoyment, so please help to look after them. When leaving the court, check that no personal items are left behind; drop your recyclables and rubbish into the appropriate recycling and garbage bins, or, better yet, take them home with you.


Hitting Wall

Court 7 features a hitting wall for members to practice their strokes. However, advance court bookings require two or four names on the booking, so a single player can only book the hitting wall as a walk-on. If you have advance-booked this court and a single player would like to use the hitting wall, you may relocate to a suitable vacant court if it's not too much trouble.


Member's Guests are Welcome

Members of the club are welcome to invite guests to join them for a game. The Club’s Guest Policy allows a guest up to three (3) visits per season. Please enter their details in CourtReserve when booking the court. The guest fee is $20 will be automatically charged to your account and can be paid immediately or upon arrival to the club. Should a guest subsequently decide to join, guest fees already paid will be credited against their membership fee.


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