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Club Rules & Court Usage

Courtesy and Respect

Members and guests must be courteous to others at all times, whether on or off the courts. Shouting, swearing, and other verbal abuse will not be tolerated, nor will other physical or electronic means of intimidation.  (Please see KTC's Abuse & Harassment Policy for further information.)

Players must wear non-marking tennis shoes and appropriate tennis attire (e.g., no jeans, cut-offs, etc.) during club hours. 


The use of members’ email addresses provided by KTC is strictly intended for communicating about tennis matches. Please respect the privacy of our members by not communicating with a larger number of members about other matters.


As a courtesy to others, members and guest are requested to turn off their cell phones when on the KTC premises.


When out on the court, return any stray balls from another court - or ask to retrieve one of your own – at the first opportunity, taking care not to interrupt the game on that court.


Line calling is a matter of good sportsmanship:

  • If you are unsure if the ball was in or out - the ball is IN

  • If you or your partner do not agree if the ball was in or out - the ball is IN

  • If 1/100th of the ball touches the line - the ball is IN


Other Rules of Conduct
  • No unauthorized teaching on any court. 

  • Maximum of 6 tennis balls per court.

  • Spectators are not permitted on the courts.

  • Smoking of any kind including vaping, e-cigarettes, is strictly prohibited anywhere at the tennis club.

  • No liquor or other alcoholic beverages are allowed on the courts.

  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed on the courts, and must always be on leash and strictly controlled at all times by their owners.

  • Courts are for tennis only. Non-tennis-related activities (e.g., skateboarding, biking, pickleball, hockey, etc) are not permitted on the courts.

Court Booking Rules
  • Courts may be booked up to seven days in advance (from 7am) using our Courtreserve online court booking system or by contacting a steward: one hour for singles (two players), one or two hours for doubles (four players). Members may have only one such advance booking on a given day.

  • Court bookings must accurately reflect the names of players who will be on court (whether singles or doubles). If you are making a change to your booking, please notify the steward or update the reservation on CourtReserve.

  • Open courts may be booked on a walk-on basis 30 minutes prior to the start time by contacting a steward either by phone or in person. Walk-ons may be used by one person for serving or stroke practice.

  • Booked courts are held for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time - after the 10 minutes, the court is released and available for use by others.

  • Courts 1 & 7 are the KTC teaching courts and have priority for lessons. Please be aware that your booking may be relocated to another court should one of these courts be required for a lesson.

  • Should you be unable to use an advance booking, please cancel the booking 24 hours in advance as a courtesy to other members.

  • Members are welcome to invite guests to join them for a game. Each guest is allowed up to three (3) visits per season. Please enter their details in CourtReserve when booking the court. The guest fee of $20 will be automatically charged to your account. Should a guest subsequently decide to join, guest fees already paid will be credited against their membership fee.

  • Hitting Wall: Court 7 features a hitting wall for members’ use. A single player can only book the hitting wall as a walk-on.

Members who are in violation of the club's rules of conduct or repeatedly violate court usage rules may have their membership suspended or cancelled. 

Hours of Operation

The courts are available for play from 7:30am to 10:30pm in season, changing to 7:00am to 10:00pm by June 2024. When playing early or late in the day, please be considerate of our neighbours and keep your voices down. If you are the last to leave the property, please be sure to turn off the lights and lock the entrance gate behind you.

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