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Spring Cleanup

Our annual spring cleanup is this Saturday, April 16 at 10:30am, and the weather forecast is sunny and warm (double digits, at any rate - that's progress!). Come help with putting up windscreens, setting out patio furniture, raking, trimming back new growth, etc. Bring a rake, gloves, and/or pruning shears to pitch in. We are usually finished after a couple of hours and often play ad hoc games of Doubles afterwards to celebrate, so remember to bring your tennis gear, too!

We will take advantage of the spring cleanup activity to provide members with another opportunity to pick up their prepaid parking permits for 2016 prior to the club's official opening day on April 30. If you have not already purchased one, sign in to your online account (the one that was established when you purchased your membership) and click on the orange button labelled "Order Parking Permits" at the top of your home page.


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