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The Kingston Tennis Club is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of our members, friends and supporters to help nurture the growth of tennis in Kingston. The club is open to people of all ages and ability, and provides facilities and programming to support a game that brings together people of diverse backgrounds in a healthy, low-cost activity.

With your support, the Kingston Tennis Club can continue to foster an environment where sport, leisure and social activities are fun, positive and lead to a sense of well-being and self-confidence.

We are dedicated to growing the game of tennis in Kingston through three strategic directions:

  1. Facility Development & Capital Improvements: Your support will help complete the physical construction of our capital project. It will allow for expanded outdoor lighting, the construction of a new court and improvements to our existing courts, and the construction of a new clubhouse. 

  2. Personal Excellence: Your support will help improve Kingston players through various stages of development. Our junior summer camps introduce the game of tennis to children through the Progressive Tennis system; group lessons are offered at various levels for juniors and adults to improve their skills; and tournaments and Singles & Doubles ladders offer competitive opportunities.

  3. Community Tennis Initiatives: Your support will help the long-term growth of tennis in Kingston by providing opportunities for the next generation of tennis players to learn and play the sport of tennis through our school and community partner programs.


There are fundraising opportunities for every budget to help make the vision of the Kingston Tennis Club a reality. Those who make a donation will be recognized at the Kingston Tennis Club on our donor wall and on our website.


  • Courts

  • Courtside benches

  • Clubhouse


Thank you again for supporting the Kingston Tennis Club.



Donation Amount:

  • $25

  • $50

  • $100

  • $500

  • $1,000

  • $2,500

  • $5,000

  • Other Amount

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