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Ball Machine

The club's ball machine is available for use on Courts 1 & 7 by members aged 14 and over (or with adult supervision).


The cost is $20/hour, which includes the ball machine and a basket of balls. 


Reservations for one player may be made up to two days in advance by phoning or emailing our stewards, for the following time slots:


  • Monday-Friday                          11:30am - 2:30pm

  • Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays    9:30am - 4:30pm


Reservations that include two or more players may be made as a regular court booking outside of these times; please indicate in the booking that you intend to use the ball machine, and let the stewards know. Be aware also that should the pro need that court and time slot for a lesson (up to two days prior to your booking), we may relocate you to a court that does not permit ball machine use.


The ball machine may also be used on a walk-on basis, subject to court availability.


Ball machine reservations are for 50 minutes, to allow for picking up the balls by the end of the court booking.


Ball machine and court reservations are forfeited in the event of late-arrival of 10 minutes or more.

Main features of the ball machine:


  • Ball Speed – Up to 85 MPH

  • Ball Feed – From one ball every 1 second to every 6 seconds.

  • Elevation Control – Ball trajectory is electronically adjustable from groundstroke to lob.

  • Spin Control – Heavy underspin to heavy topspin.

  • Ball Capacity – 225 

  • Player Mode simulates a real player – Automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin, then changes both the side-to-side position and depth of shots, which are computer programmed to simulate the shot patterns of real players at the Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced levels.

  • 2-line oscillator feature – Shoots balls to two preset positions. This allows a player to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots, and helps an instructor work with two lines of students in a group lesson. There are two 2-line settings: Narrow & Wide.

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