We're opening on May 19

Our doors will be open and courts available for booking as of Tuesday May 19th. Sign up online!

Please note in these first few weeks, we strongly encourage you to also book courts online rather than through the stewards since they are extremely busy preparing the club for play.

As we noted in our KTC Courtside newsletter earlier this week, tennis play in this stage will be restricted to singles only. Additionally, play for juniors under the age of 13 will be limited to singles play with another adult. Please consult the Planning for Play guidelines for more details.. We remind members as well that, consistent with the Ontario government guidelines, the clubhouse, change rooms and washrooms will be closed to members. These will be available for emergency use only.

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45 Napier Street, P.O. Box 621,
Kingston, ON  K7L 4X1

Phone: 613-542-2467    

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