Private Lessons

We offer one-hour Private lessons, and Semi-Private lessons for two to four people. 

  • Lessons can be booked by phoning a club steward from 8:30 am-9:30 pm daily @ 613-542-2467. The club steward will reserve your lesson on the phone & answer questions about availability, pricing, etc.

  • If you have  questions about lessons and a club steward is unable to answer them, please email us at




Lessons are offered by Tennis Instructors David Corrigan, Tristan O'Brien, Isaac Jones and Tony Roth. Hourly rates for lessons are set by each individual coach, reflecting differences in experience and qualifications. Lessons can have from on to four students, and are priced accordingly. Please email the pros or call the clubhouse to inquire.


Please note that this year, e.g. the private lesson rates for one student range from $65 to $116.05 per hour, depending on the instructor and the student. We do not currently offer lessons to new non-member students, though this may change once we are able to evaluate court availability more favourably.